The Self-Service Logo Library

Upload your svg logos, share the link, download in any format. Just 3 Clicks.

Admin Managed

Assign admins to keep your logos up to date, so all your employees get the latest and greatest updates to your brand and logos.

Multiple Collections

Have multiple logo sets? No problem! Organize logos how you'd like within collections, and give groups custom names for easy access.

Shareable Links

Share your collections with public links. Send the collection to clients, contractors, and members of the team.

What people are saying about Logo Repo

Quick & easy setup

Setting up is as easy as making an account and uploading your SVG’s. No unnecessary bells or whistles.

Perfect for designers and companies

Whether you’re a freelance designer or a company organizing their brand, Logo Repo makes it easy for you to upload your SVG’s, share them, and download in any resolution.

Perfect solution for small business

Don’t have a design team but still want to keep up best practices? Use Logo Repo to make sure your team has access to the most up to date and high quality logos to keep your best foot forward.